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  • How many dogs go on a group walk?
    No more than 6 per dog walker.
  • What do you do if my dog is wet, muddy or covered in fox poo?"
    We have a portable shower available on group walks in case of extremely muddy conditions and fox poo incidents to help the towelling off and our vehicles!
  • How does my dog get from my house to the walk?
    Our team all have their own vehicles. Unbranded for saftey reasons as we do not wish to advertise to prying eyes in order to reduce dog theft. All vehicles are equipped with dog saftey belts along with ample boot space to avoid any issues dogs may have with dog crates.
  • What if my dog does not like dog crates?
    Not to worry we only transport our dogs securely in the main car interior with dog saftey belts or the boot of our cars.
  • What other dogs will be in my dogs group?
    We have a good mixture of dogs of all shapes and sizes within our groups which is great for socilalisation, however do not worry we will ensure we meet your dog before any walk, place them in a group we feel most comfortable and we will continue to monitor your dogs enjoyment on different walks to ensure we continue to have them placed in the best group for them and your schedule.
  • How do I pay?
    We accept bank tranfser or Direct Debit for regular scheduled customers who generally have the same weekly services. Unfortunately we cannot accept cash payments. We request payment weekly and invoices are available at request.
  • At what age can my dog join the main group walks?
    6 months is the youngest that we can accept any dog into the main group walks, however this is only after your dog has been assesed by one of our team to ensure your dog is suitable to join. If we feel your dog is not quite ready yet we have puppy socialisation groups and puppy walks to get them there.
  • What if my dog is not good with other dogs?
    We have solo walks available for these characters, if you feel confident enough for us to try to socialise them we have a number of friendly dogs to join them on short walks to help their journey before slowly being introuded to our group walks via the socialiation groups and if one of our team members is comfortable we can then, with your approval, accept them into group walks.
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