Puppy Care

​We offer equine services for our other four legged friends to ensure they are cared for if you are away, at work or simply need a weekend lie in! We offer services for both field and stable kept horses. We offer everything from morning and evening feeds, mucking out, rug checks and changes, water checks and more. We ensure your horses are tended to and cared for in the best way with any requirements met by our staff!


​Field Kept - £10.00 per horse per day, £8.00 per additional horse

Stable Kept - £20.00 per horse per day, £10.00 per additional horse

    We adore puppies at Dog & Bone and love to take care of them at the early stages. It's great to see them grow and develop. We offer a puppy care service that gives you peace of mind if you have to leave your puppy on their own day or night. We will visit your puppy and ensure that they have fresh water, food and lots of play and interaction. Oh and we clean up any of those little accidents! When they are able to go out, we love to take them on puppy walks. 

    Prices: 30 minutes - £9.00   45 minutes - £10.00   60 minutes - £12.00

Pet Sitting

Our pet sitting service is a great way to ensure that your dog or feline friend can stay at home and be looked after round the clock. For some dogs, kennels are not right for them and they prefer their creature comforts.This is where we come in! We offer an overnight sitting service where we come and stay in your home and keep your pets happy and comfortable without the stress and hassle of kennels. We will feed and walk your dogs twice daily and keep them safe at home. We also make sure you house is tidy and mess free on your return.

Prices: 24 hours - £30.00   Additional dog -  £6.00

We provide pet visits for all of our furry friends if you are at work, away on business or taking a family holiday. This ensures that your pets can stay in the comfort of their home and you are safe in the knowledge that they are being cared for whilst you are away. We will feed, freshen water, clean any litter trays and hutches and give them plenty of fuss and love. We can also water plants, tidy your post and ensure your home is clean for when you arrive.

​Prices: £9.00 per visit​​   Bank Holidays - £10.00


​Our dog walking service ensures that your dog gets the essential exercise they need during the day. If you are at work or called away from home, we will come and pick up your dog from your home and take them out walking in small groups (no more than 3 or 4 dogs) or one to one if preferred. We collect your dog from home and drop them off after some great fun! On return, we check water bowls are full, wet dogs are towelled down and treats are given. We offer different time lengths for whatever your pup needs.

Prices​​: 30 minutes - £8.00   45 minutes - £10.00   60 minutes - £12.00​​   Additional dogs from same family charged at £8.00 each

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Pet Visits & Feeding

​​​Dog Walking